Money Transfer & Foreign Exchange from Canada to Afghanistan
About Us

Our company was incorporated in June 2020 in Canada, with our head office located at 2978 Eglinton Avenue East Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We currently have licenses to operate in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (License no. 002761364). We are also registered with FINTRAC no. M20647648
FINTRAC status for MSB

We specialize in providing remittance services to Afghanistan. Our payout affiliates are present in each major provinces/villages in Afghanistan

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with professional, fast, and efficient money transfer services to Afghanistan.

Remittances form a very important source of income for those in need living in the third world countries. For many people in third world countries, remittance may be the only means of survival and family support. People send each other money to pay for basics such as food, water, school fees etc.

Thus, we believe our services contribute to the well-being of many people below the poverty line and contributes towards the well-being of a nation.

We want you to be able to send money to your loved ones with complete satisfaction.

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